titleYama Taxi and Others Studio Group Portrait; Vancouver, BC




dateCirca 1920


descriptionThe image shows a studio group portrait of three rows of mostly men, two women and two children. Front row left to right is Mrs Yoshiko Yamashita, Shintaro Yamashita, Ichiro? (little boy), unidentified, Mrs Tomotsugu, Harumi Tomotsugu (little girl). Second row from left to right is unidentified, unidentified, Masao Nakashima (Yamashita), Mr Hisaki, unidentified. The third row from left to right is Charlie Asano, unidentified and Bobby Kumano.


history of use


Harumi Tomotsugo was Terry Nakamura's (nee Yamashita) babysitter and later best friend. Harumi went on to marry Gord Nakamura. Mrs Tomotsugu was an honorary grandmother to Raymond Nakamura and his brothers (Terry's children).



part ofKumano Family collection




Nikkei National Museum