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The collection consists of two series. The first series is of photographs from Lemon Creek, BC. The second series is a Lemon Creek cloth badge.




Frank Baba was born in Vancouver, BC in 1933. During the day, he attended Lord Roberts School in the West End of Vancouver and in the evening, he went to the Vancouver Japanese Language School on Alexander Street. He and his brother would then walk home to 1711 Robson Street.



His father, Toyosuke was a tailor at Robson Tailors.



In 1942, the family was forced to evacuate to Hastings Park. They went on to Popoff, BC and eventually settled in Lemon Creek, BC for the remainder of the internment.



For the 1942 year, there was no school and so the Baba children, like all the Lemon Creek children, played outside around Anderson and Avalon Ranches using the Anderson's Hill to sled down in the winter and Slocan River to swim in in the summer.



In 1943, Lemon Creek established a school and the boys were once again at their lessons.








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